Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tramp Champs

So at camp there was a trampoline. Not one of the weak-sauce circular trampolines suburban Americans have. Like straight up really bouncy trampoline that seems to be just a smaller version of the ones they use in Olympic trampoline. Yea. Did you even KNOW there was Olympic trampoline? It's really cool. But the smallness of the camp tramp (ooh that rhymes) was unfortunate because it was quite springy, and it was implanted into a wooden deck, so if you were flying OFF the trampoline it wasn't onto nice thick cushy pads but nice hard wood. Excellent. But we managed to behave ourselves pretty well. Perhaps that's why they built it as such, so people don't go trying to do the double pike back flips their favorite trampolinist does. You DO have a favorite trampolinist, right?


As you can imagine, with 35 people over the course of a week and 10 cameras around, there are a LOT of trampoline pictures from camp. I pulled out a few of my favorites to share.

Zeke would have bounced on the trampoline for all of his waking hours if it weren't for the wisdom of parental units suggesting otherwise. But most mornings the first words out of his mouth were "Can I go jump on the trampoline?"

And Marit is just so dang cute doing her jumpy jumpy all in pink. She really liked the "bum bounce"

Lilian may have been a Zimbabwean tramp champ in another life

This looks way worse than it was. Even tramp champs fall sometimes

Gettin all artsy fartsy with it now

Tramp: 1; Issa: 0

Watch out Femi, Trevor is going to land on you!

Kickin flippin Femi

Trev jumped all the way over the mountains!

While I slid down them :)

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