Thursday, October 08, 2009

How Students Do Trash

So you're sitting in your college dormroom (I accidentally wrote doomroom at first- Freudian slip?) on the third floor of a building that houses several hundred other students. You finish your two litre bottle of beer (true story, Romanians put Americans and their 40s to shame) and what do you think to yourself might be the most natural place to put it? Well here in my neighborhood, basically 22 such block apartment dorms that most natural place seems to be out the window.
I think it may mostly be the dorm that's right next to my house, and even though it's 25 meters away, often garbage blows right over to our yard. And it's just disgusting in general. I think it might just be the "thing" for this dorm, like one person starts then everyone joins in. But I often see people drop paper, cups, and other random trash as they're walking down the street. But wow, I can't even imagine this happening in America. I wonder what would happen if I went and said something to the security guard? Any by me I mean Simona, because she speaks Romanian better than I, given that she's Romanian and all. If I enter into that adventure, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

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Lindsay H. said...

they do this in the DR, too! i was driving in a truck with a few other people yesterday through the most beautiful country side. we were eating ice cream to cool down in the intense heat. and after i finished mine (in a little cup), the person sitting next to me grabbed it and threw it out the window. seriously? yes. people just throw their trash wherever they want.