Monday, October 12, 2009

Kid Konvos #1

One particularly lovely element of my lovely job is helping Dave and Erin by watching their darling children on Mondays. At ages 3 and 5, they are just filled to the brim with entertaining thoughts and commentary on life. I would like to start sharing some of the gems of conversations we have while playing together. For instance, today we were playing Bean Factory, wherein we had a bag of beans, a muffin tray, funnels, and measuring cups, and we moved beans from place to place via funnels. Zeke LOVES this activity. Then Zeke decided that his bean factory would actually produce cotton candy. So he whipped some up and then this conversation followed:

Z: I call it cotton rotten candy!
L: Why rotten?
Z: Because it rots your teeth.
L: Oh.
Z: Who wants to cotton rotten candy and then have to brush their teeth 9 times tonight?
L: Me!
Z: No, you already had some. TWO times would mean you have to brush 20 times.
L: Alright. Well, I just brushed 9 times, so I'm ready.
Z: Do you want to waste all your toothpaste on cotton rotten candy?
L: Well it just so happens I have an unlimited supply of toothpaste.
Z: Only superheroes do.
L: Well Zeke, you know I'm a superhero!
Z: Do you know that there are superheroes who are boys named Dav!d Zeke Frer!chs, called Zeke for short who never ever have to brush their teeth?
L: Well now I do.

Earlier in the day when some of my beans got stuck in the funnel and I couldn't get them out, Zeke politely asked if he could help me. He promptly waved the funnel around in the air and the beans flew out both ends. Certainly accomplished the task at hand. Then Zeke said:

"You know what I learned from Thomas the Tank Engine? Sometimes little engines can do things that big engines can't. So I think that applies to people as well. That little people can sometimes do things big people can't."

Yes Zeke, yes indeed.

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