Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top 25 Randomnesses

I'm a pretty random person. Though I suppose my "randomness" even isn't so random within the context of me. Predictably random perhaps. Maybe quirky is a better word. Anyhow, when those "Top 25" lists on Facebook were all the rage a few months back, I thought it was rather entertaining and sometimes absurd how much random information people were posting for the whole world to see. But most enlightening. Because I did genuinely learn a lot of stuff about friends I would not maybe ever have otherwise known. However, I didn't make my own list.

But. Then came our team retreat, wherein we each wrote up a list of 25 things-that-people-wouldn't-otherwise-know about ourselves. I love these kinds of activities. I literally could spend hours doing silly activities like this. I may or may not have written well over 25 and then selected the "best" 25. I'm so lame.

So here are my 25 random facts about myself, for your reading pleasure:
1) I had headgear for some of the time I had braces in middle school. And I wore the headgear TO school because my orthodontist told me that the more I wore it, the sooner I could have it off. Silly silly child.
2) I have never dyed my hair in any way.
3) I dislike Steinway Pianos, unless they have been played on ("broken in") for a solid 10 years.
4) I have a stuffed gorilla named Gonzo that my godfather gave me when I was probably 2 and still sleep with when I'm at my parent's house.
5) I have had mono, cracked open my chin, a ruptured ovarian cyst, a slipped hip, and a back injury, but have never broken a bone.
6) I would love to be a professional food critic/restaurant reviewer.
7) I eat Sour Patch kids 2 at a time- red and green or orange and yellow.
8) I love snail mail a ton ton ton- receiving mail is literally a wonderful event for me- and I send a lot of it.
9) People regularly tell me I remind them of a friend they know from high school.
10) I love giving hugs and am really saddened by limp huggers.
11) I take my iPod with me everywhere and have a variety of playlists ready should any situation (e.g., parties) require music.
12) I have never had my ears pierced.
13) I collect postcards and thanks to many friends have hundreds from dozens of countries and most every State.
14) I once ate a live goldfish for $20.
15) I have sung in Carnegie Hall.
16) I often mix up the words tan and gray. As in, I look at something gray and call it tan.
17) I love when I have no Unread emails in my Inbox.
18) I talk in my sleep and have conversations with people if they come into my room while I'm sleeping. They often involve me saying really mean things to them.
19) As kids, my brother and I would make babysitters do a "taste test" as "initiation" (why any of them agreed is beyond me), and it most often ended by us smearing whipped cream in their hair and running away.
20) I organized the best high school prank ever and was nearly suspended for it.
21) I love throwing parties and few things make me more alive than organizing themed events.
22) My dream Leading Lady role in a Broadway musical is Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady.
23) One of my goals in life was to be on College JEOPARDY. Didn't so much work out.
24) I dream extremely vividly, remember many of my dreams, and have several recurring dreams.
25) I have run a half marathon and someday hope to run a full one.

And done. :)


Sally Fienup said...

AH! I wore my headgear EVERYWHERE, too!

Karen Connor said...

I mix up yellow and orange. As in..I bought you yellow...I mean ORANGE jello. :)

MemeGRL said...

Oh, no, you're not done. You can't claim Best Prank Ever and not tell us what it was!