Thursday, January 07, 2010

Assorted December Festivities

My posts have been word-heavy and picture-light recently, so I just want to post some pictures of random activities around Christmas. Plus, there is such a hodge-podge of random events from the past few weeks, I figured it'd be easiest to combine them all in one. So here we go.

A choir I went to see with a few friends; they did an assortment of Christmas carols in various languages, though mostly Romanian. It was really great until they started singing in English, and then it was just funny to hear their Romanian accents come out- "We veesh you a merry Kreesmas"

In Piata Unirii (see below), the main square of town, with my dear Nigerian friends Musa, Tomi, Femi, and Uche

Piata Unirii, all lit up and covered with snow for Christmas

Our church choir singing at a kindergarten Christmas play as a surprise ending. Oh boy were they ever surprised to see 10 black and brown people walk in singing and playing a drum...

I got Zeke a 100 piece WALL-E puzzle for Christmas because a) he loves puzzles b) he loves WALL-E and c) I knew he'd be eager to expand from his previous record of 54 pieces. He did it all by himself!

Marit and Zeke getting read to uncover a Christmas gift of a kid sized table and chairs. Christmas day with children = awesome

One of four adorable furry little puppies I played with while visiting a friend in Botosani (another city in Romania)

Dave and I were hat twins on New Year's Eve

Reunited with my dear friend Femi on New Year's Eve, as he had traveled over Christmas. If I could have a black Nigerian brother with a stellar tenor voice, I would choose Femi

Hold-out shot on New Year's Eve at the Palace of Culture where we gathered with practically half of the city waiting for the fireworks at midnight

That about sums up my past two weeks. Well, actually, not at all. It totally leaves out all the really sweet church services we had around Christmas, as well as a ton of other stuff like how I flooded a friend's house when taking a shower, but at least it's the stuff for which I have pictures. So it goes.


Anonymous said...

happy new year............................................................

Carrie said...

omgosh loved the pics but look at that sweeeet puppy!!!