Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nothing to Write

I literally have nothing to write. Nothing is going on here. It's bitterly cold. And much as I want to write an entire blog about how it was -19F the other morning and only got up to 0F (yes ZERO) one day this week, I will refrain. Once you're past the point of instaboogers and that-awful-crunchy-noise-the-snow-makes-underfoot-when-it's-really-cold and onto that-awful-pain-when-you-breathe kind of cold, it's just all numbness. Maybe the cold has affected my brain. The part that turns my life into a great series of crazy stories.

I've been doing all kinds of random Administrative and Bureaucracy Buster type projects, but really, do you want to read about the really cool Excel spreadsheet or power point presentation I made? Or one more story about the ridiculousness of Romanian bureaucracy and the silly American girl trying to navigate it? I thought not. I did learn a pretty sweet new trick on Excel the other day though, if anyone wants to hear about it.

All the students are hibernating studying for exams, so I don't even have stories of random adventures. The only thing remotely exciting that happened recently was watching the first Lord of the Rings last Friday projected onto a wall in Dave's house. That was pretty awesome. Or watching Singin in the Rain for the first time ever, then promptly watching it again the next day because I liked it SO MUCH. No really, I may buy it. Or today when I met 3 Malaysian students in the British Council (basically a tiny tiny library of English books and music and movies) and after talking for a few minutes one of them said, "Oh my gosh, you're the baker that everyone talks about! I've heard so much about your cooking!" Not a bad reputation to precede me, I suppose. But now it's all GREAT EXPECTATIONS and what if my pumpkin bread doesn't live up to the legends?! That would be a tragedy.

But yea, nothing exciting here.

I also have a bunch of random soap-box type entries started, but alas, no motivation to finish them. Maybe the cold has kept me from getting too fiery about anything.

So for now, a bit of a pause in writing. Except this entry that was an entire article about how I have nothing to write. Genius, no? Maybe I'll get motivated to write something substantive before I leave for a visit to the states next week, but maybe not. For now, it's soup and hot chocolate made with real straight-from-the-cow milk. Yum.

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