Thursday, January 21, 2010

Very Strange Indeed

I was going to start this blog with a screenshot picture of my weather widget. But apparently I'm no longer allowed to upload .tiff files on Blogger, and even when I change the extension to .jpg, I can't upload it. Lame. Such is life, and I will move along without a visual illustration. All verbal illustrations today folks! 

I brought up my weather widget this morning- usually a depressing daily activity- and the picture that depicts the weather was a little ball of sun for the next six days. Like, only sun, no clouds, no precipitation on top of it. Hence the title. Because this is very strange indeed for a country that hasn't see more than a few hours of sun in nearly two months. Sun every day? How can it be?! Granted the temperatures listed immediately under the sun pictures were not all that encouraging. Highs in the mid teens all week. Which means that the foot of snow we got in the past few days will be stickin around, I guess. Though I suppose that's better than the alternative of wet mucky melty slush since, oh right, no one shovels or plows or puts down salt. At all. 

So I waited. Alllll day I waited for this mystical sun. Lies and slander, all of it. If the distant orb I saw behind two layers of clouds (instead of the usual 6) was their idea of CLEAR SUNNY SKIES, they are very cruel weather people indeed. And who are THEY anyway? I don't even know. It might as well be Steve Jobs. But since I unabashedly and unwaveringly believe and do everything Steve Jobs tells me, I suppose it's my own fault for trusting a weather widget reading that was not just strange but downright UNBELIEVABLE. 

In other news, last night I received a message from one of my teammates saying, "Just letting you know, I'm going snow camping out by the lakes near the airport. If I don't call you tomorrow, the wolves got me, or I've been arrested." Did I mention that it snowed a FOOT of snow in the past few days? And that the highs during the day are in the mid teens? Because I would just like to reiterate those points. Which means, dear readers, that the nighttime temperature may in fact have dipped into low single digits. And that he was doing this not only willingly, but BY CHOICE. That is a whole long list of crazy right there. But to each his own.

And now, back to my sunless living room.

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