Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Book Review: Discipline: The Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Elliot

I think it’s particularly hard in today’s world to have self-discipline. Self-discipline is a hard sell when everything screams “If it feels good do it!” and “Have it YOUR way!” Furthermore, we have plenty of technology that encourages laziness and a culture that breeds ADHDness. Discipline? Not so much. Within a Christian framework and worldview, Elliot addresses this issue. She writes short but quality chapters on disciple of mind, place, time, possessions, work, and feelings and how all of these areas can be surrendered to Christ. She weaves her own personal story with practical tidbits, Scripture, lessons she’s learned, and observations about the world. Want to think more about how to overcome anxiety? How to change bad habits and attitudes? How to trust God in hardship? Or do you just seek to let Christ have control of more of your life? This might be a good (approachable, practical) book for you.

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