Thursday, March 04, 2010

Norma's Brunch

Right before I left to go home to New York I received an email from my friend Emily that was also to a few other friends. In it she was basically reminding everyone of brunch plans that weekend at Norma's. Though I was coming home I was slightly confused because I hadn't previously heard anything about this outing. I thought perhaps she mistakenly put me instead of another Liz. So I emailed her and asked if she meant to put the other Liz... or if she just knew me so well that she didn't even bother asking if I would come and just included me in the reservation. Kudos to my AWESOME FRIEND, it was the latter. It's good to be known that well.

So off we went to Norma's. Did I mention it's in the Parker Meridien? One of those fancy schmancy hotels in the city. Right. I gulped a little bit when I saw the prices, but when I saw the dishes coming out I knew it would be SO WORTH IT. Here is the menu. Seriously guys, after 8 months in Romania, it was paralyzing. I just wanted one of EVERYTHING. A sample platter perhaps? Oh man, and of all things- BRUNCH! What a wonderful meal! While we were all sitting pondering and discussing the various merits of different menu items, we sipped on our nice "free" smoothies. A few people ordered coffee, and the serving size for one person could drown a small child. See the metal pot below, along with our empty smoothie glasses:

Though it was a tough decision, I ultimately chose the Waz-Za. And no, not just because of the name. It was a waffle with fruit inside and on top plus CREME BRULEE. I'm sorry, but that is just sinful. Can you see that crunchy caramelized goodness??

I took pictures of the more impressive (and they were all impressive) of the collection:
Caramelized onion and bacon french toast. Did I mention cheese? Wow

Strawberry Risotto. For real?

Very Berry Brioche French Toast

And the grandaddy of all brunch dishes- lobster macaroni and cheese. So rich. So huge. So amazing

And like a good group of New Yorkers pretending to be tourists for the day, we took a picture. And by we I mean our waiter. Great friends. Great food. Great times.

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