Friday, May 21, 2010

Indian Malaysia Night

Last year there was the Africa Night to celebrate African culture and history. And food, of course. This year brought us Indian Malaysian Night. Same place, same idea. A night of dancing, skits, traditional clothing, and food. Only Indian rather than African. I was really excited, because I know considerably less about Indian culture than African, as most of my closer friends here are African. It was a fun evening- quirks, technical mishaps and all. I enjoyed some good dancing and food and saw way more traditional Indian clothing than I've seen in the rest of my life combined. Awesome. I even got to make use of MY traditional Indian clothing. Well, shirt anyhow.

I love living amongst people from such diverse cultures! I learn a ton and enjoy all kinds of great events like this. Did I mention that I eat really well? And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.
Great dancing

With my friend Sharmilee

Hilarious skit about life at the medical school

Yea, none of us are Indian

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