Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Technology Hiatus

Starting today I'll be visiting friends in Austria and Germany for 10 days for my first true vacation in several years. I know what you're thinking, oh but Liz, you travel all the time. But travel does not equal vacation. For instance, Israel was not a vacation, it was a trip. Vacation = relaxing. Israel does not = relaxing. That TRIP was many things, but not relaxing. So, vacation time.

Also starting today I'm taking a break from technology which will coincide with those 10 days away. Phone. Email. Blogs. Twitter. Facebook. Everything.
Well, not my iPod, but that I mostly use to listen to sermons. So.

Though I love technology and much of what it offers our world, I think (as with many good things that can be overused) we sometimes need to take a complete break from it to see clearly how we use it in our lives and what kind of "hold" it might have on us, and also just reevaluate how we might better use it. Or use it in a more healthy and edifying way. Let's be honest, the internet can suck up hours of time. Into black holes of nothingness. Though technology can be used for incredible good, it can also be used for unedifying purposes and be incredibly wasteful. And it can suck up boodles of time that we could be using to actually engage with real people face-to-face.

I've written a few posts already that I have set to publish while I'm away, since lately I've been taking the approach of "write 5 posts all at once and schedule them to publish for various days over the next few weeks" in order to decrease the time I spend blogging, thinking about blogging, preparing myself to blog, etc. I like it and enjoy it, but I just want to keep it in check.

So, now I'm just realizing that because of that you won't even notice I'm "gone" on this "fast." Right. But now that I've written this whole wonderful article, I'll just go ahead and publish it. The end.

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