Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Red, White and Blue Day

Yes those are in fact red and blue jello jigglers. And watermelon. In Iasi. On the Fourth of July. Well, really the third of July, but who's actually paying attention to arbitrary things like dates anyhow?                                                                Can I just say that Jello is unquestionably the biggest hit of any party at which it is present? Just totally simple jello jigglers. It apparently doesn't exist anywhere outside of America, at least not in any of the places represented in our international crew. Can you imagine a childhood without JELLO JIGGLERS? I'm sorry, but that is just dismal.

So. We had our second annual Fourth of July party, because, well, why not? Last year's was quite the hit (though I apparently didn't write about it), complete with a 3-legged race and a watermelon eating contest, so obviously we needed to do it again. We basically planned a good 'ol outdoor picnic/BBQ of burgers, BBQ wings (homemade sauce!), chocolate chip cookies, and mandatory Red, White and/or Blue apparel-wearing. Oh yes, we love forcing people to wear our colors. 

And then it rained. Just as we had set all the food outside, nicely displayed on picnic tables, big black clouds rolled in and the sky opened on up and rained. Sad. Panda. So we moved everything to the (covered) porch and moved ourselves inside. We still had lots of great food, including a stellar American Flag cake made by the one and only Hollie...
but our activities turned decidedly more to the board game and puzzle variety than the 3-legged race variety...

I think this was ok with everyone, since most of the students were merely taking a break from studying from exams and wanted something really low-key. Though I am a little bit sad that I wasn't able to prove my watermelon eating Skillz for realz this year and take first place, instead of last year's second. Life will go on. Maybe.

We don't often get a picture all together, since we're most often a big bunch of moving parts, but we managed to gather ourselves for a wonderfully Red White and Blue team picture (minus Marit). I love these guys- my dear teammates, friends, and fellow Americans.

Maybe we'll make next year the Third Annual Fourth of July party. Time will tell.


Carrie said...

So cute & patriotic!!

preethi said...

The Jigglers totally made me laugh out loud. :)