Friday, August 13, 2010

New Additions to the Team

We have two new additions to our team here in Iasi. Both are babies! And believe me, they are very much a part of our team and family, and they certainly minister to everyone in the church. We welcomed little Levi Lux into the world on June 3rd and Jeshurun Wilkerson on July 27th, and it has been quite an eventful, joyous time! It's been great for me to learn learn learn from my beloved teammates through their pregnancy and now as mothers of newborns. These little guys are truly blessing from the Lord, and we are happy to have them with us. 

7 hours old Jeshurun. The youngest baby I've ever held!

Chillaxin with Jesh

Hollie with Jesh and me with Levi

Levi at about 10 weeks

He's smiling! Those baby blues are so precious!

Beautiful Erin with cutey patootey Levi

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preethi said...

So sweet! Love it.