Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Nigerian Wedding Reception

Over the winter break a Nigerian woman in our church got married. Back in Nigeria. But she wanted to have the reception here in Romania with the church and her classmates. Good stuff. 
Someday I hope to go a Nigerian wedding IN Nigeria, because from the way all my Nigerian friends talk, they sound amazingly fun and festive. Of course I would expect nothing less from a people who have such passion for food, dancing, singing, and looking sharp sharp like it's no one's business. 

It was a fun and festive night indeed and included plenty of food, dancing, singing, and LOTS of people looking sharp sharp. I brought out a little (ok, a LOT) more of the NYC-glam corner of my wardrobe than usually gets brought out here. And a Nigerian friend made my hair into beautiful braids that I loved so much. About 80 people gathered together for the celebration, and it was great to meet many from the medical school whom I wouldn't otherwise have had the chance to meet. Some highlights include eating REALLY good food, doing (and watching people do) the Virgina Reel with a room full of people who had never done any kind of country line dance,  and watching some stellar dancing from some pretty stellar guys. What a fabulous evening celebrating the union of a godly couple! 

With my roommate

Jollof rice (orange), fried rice (yellow), salad, chicken curry, beef, and chicken. All made by friends of the bride. The dessert isn't pictured, but the cake was FANTASTIC

With the fabulous Hari

You may be confused and think I am slipping in a photo from a GQ photo shoot. Oh no, this is just Nigerians doin it right

And a little more fab fashion

Fun game where the bride was blindfolded and had to figure out which face was her husband's. She got it right ;)

With the newlyweds!

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