Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Ok, so I have to write an entry about this past weekend, BUT, this is a quick update that I feel compelled to write. It's really starting to sink in how entirely fortunate I am in my current situation. Sometimes I'm so completely overwhelmed by the ways I see God working in my life, that I can't really fathom why I ever complain or feel upset about, well, anything. I mean, even the fact that I truly enjoy my job and I have the most amazing coworkers is more than many people can say for their first job. Or that I have a super apartment in a great neighborhood with a roommate who I know and truly like. Really fortunate. And even tonight- a bunch of us from work were supposed to go to the US Open, and we were bummed that it was rained out, but many of us ended up going and cheering on the Easton volleyball team and then all going out to dinner (on Bob Easton woohoo) and eating wings and drinking beer. To top it off, DRod called in need of a place to stay for a few nights, and so I get to see one of the coolest people I know for a few days. And this is my life now. So the next time I have a bad/frustrating/overwhelming day, I need to remember why I am here and keep the big picture in mind. Because I'm alive, living each day to its fullest, and doing my best to learn a lot about myself and my world. And that is what I've always wanted.


Drod said...

you rock

liz is my "home girl" cause she lives in brooklyn yo. she'd be my "baby mamma" if she lived in the bronx

seriously, you guys got an amazing place.

preethi said...

Thanks for reminding me.