Saturday, January 06, 2007

Surprise Event

A few months ago the 4 guys in my group of 8 told us they were planning "a surprise event" for the crew. This was prompted by us insisting they go to see John Mayer with us- the deal was that we would have to go to any concert of THEIR choosing, since none of them were too enthused about paying to see John Mayer. But then they just decided to plan an event that they would tell us nothing about, including when and where. So, finally right before Christmas they told us the date- January 6th. And the initial plans have changed due to work schedules (crazy i-bankers!) and Megs being sick, but all I know is that right now I'm walking out the door to go into town (my term for Manhattan), meet at a bar to watch the Chiefs/Colts game (Matty is from Kansas City- he is pumped beyond imagination), and then... something. Not a clue. And this from the girl who is usually super good at figuring out what it could be. No idea.
But basically we have the coolest guy friends ever. I mean, what guys plan a surprise event for their girl friends?? Organization, foresight, planning, wow, I'm impressed. Shout out to Matty, Brenda, Rob, and DRod.
It better be good for all you've talked this thing up. :)
More later.

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