Saturday, January 27, 2007

What I love...

You know what, I love when my parents come to visit. And I promise it's not just because I get to eat at nice restaurants. I love it because we're on the same playing field now. Well, for the most part, you know what I mean... They come in, there are no expectations, I have my life, they have theirs, we genuinely appreciate and love one another, we have good conversation, we all enjoy doing similar things, etc. It's just great.

Today they came in to see a much anticipated performance of Jersey Boys and to go to dinner at Gotham Bar and Grill. Can I just say that I was excited ALL WEEK for this?
And can I also just say that my heart sank down through the floor all the way to the subway when I saw that John Lloyd Young (ie, Frank Valli... ie, the lead in Jersey Boys, ie the guy who won a Tony for best actor...) wasn't performing today. Aside from the exhorbitant cost of tickets for Broadway shows and my thought that if people are paying that much they should get to see THE cast, even if it is a Saturday matinee, I had previously seen John Lloyd Young and did NOT want to see an understudy. Yes, I am ok being a snob in that sense. Plus, I had talked up this show SO MUCH to my parents that I didn't want them to be disappointed.
Well, this guy was pretty good. I mean, had I not seen JLY, I probably would have LOVED him... but of course there was still the little comparison in my mind. :) But oh man, the show just makes me want to get up and dance, tap my feet, clap my hands, and is just such a fun experience, that it was A-Ok.

And then we went to Gotham Bar and Grill for dinner... I'm telling you want, my dad just doesn't mess around when it comes to choosing restaurants. And yes, I copiously take mental notes every time I dine with him. I think my dad said it best when he said, "You can't go anywhere in the world and have a dining experience like that in New York. The great restaurants here are just unbeatable."

And I most emphatically agree.

And here I am, just chipping away at this great city, making it my own, and finding my place. One restaurant, one neighborhood, one bar, one musical, one folly, and one adventure at a time.
And I'm so very honored and privileged when my parents can share in that.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you 1000%. I had the same exact experience on my second trip to Jersey Boys with my son - told him how fabulous it was, etc. It was a Sat. matinee, and a white slip falls out of the Playbill. You guessed it! I was HEARTBROKEN! The show wasn't nearly as good, plus Christian Hoff was hoarse. My son liked it, but had he seen it with JLY, he would have realized there is NO comparison.