Thursday, March 29, 2007


I really love Marshmallow Peeps. But what I love even more is STALE marshmallow peeps. Now, you may say that is crazy talk, but until you have tried stale peeps, you haven't lived. So Peeps used to be a special thing, only available at Easter... kind of like Girl Scout Cookies, you only got them once a year, and you had to wait until the next year for more ( Well, unless of course you froze the thin mint cookies and broke them out in November or something... but I digress). Despite the fact that peeps are now available in varying formations for many holidays, out of principle I only eat them around Easter. In fact, I think I'll go to Duane Reade after work and get some. And then cut a little sliver in the top (you know, like when you heat up a frozen dinner), let them sit around for a few days, and then... enjoy the glory. Not that just-opened-softness that is somewhat overwhelming, but the day-old slightly-firm yummy-ness. And yellow. Only yellow. I can't handle pink or purple, it's just... wrong. Keep it simple. Yellow. Stale. Peeps. Amazing.

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Becca GVR said...

You are SO right!!! Only yellow, and only stale, for real. That is BY FAR the best way to eat peeps. LOVE IT! :-)