Monday, November 19, 2007

Free Rice

Vocabulary. Food.
Who would have every thought they would make a good combination? Well, someone did. Because at Free Rice, for every word you correctly guess its meaning, 10 grains of rice will be donated to United Nations. At first I was skeptical- how hard could it be? I mean, it's on the internet, probably lame, probably easy, I would surely get bored. Right? Twenty minutes later when I was still sitting there I realized it was pure genius.
You know why? Because someone actually thought through this. The words increase in difficulty to get to higher "vocabulary levels" to a point of near absurdity. Now ok, I have a decent vocabulary, but I was hitting a wall at about level 40 (it starts around 33). And I could not get past level 41 to save my life. Maybe I was having a bad day, but oh man, I was addicted.
So what did I do? Sent it out to my company so everyone else could also experience this great nerdy glory. And of course it instantly became a competition- who could get to the highest level. And, to no one's surprise, our librarian Helen rocked out to Level 49. I have no ability to comprehend what words she must have had to know to get there, but hat's off to her. You know who else got there? The tallest Asian I've ever met, who happens to sit next to me. Ying Lei. Whose name sounds remarkably like my favorite beer if you say it really quickly.
But he's modest so he didn't tell anyone.

Try it, you'll become addicted. And if you don't, it's probably because you aren't nerdy enough. Please tell me how high you get. No external aids allowed, of course, and this has to be a solo effort, unlike what some of my crafty coworkers decided to do- teaming up. *scoff* And if a level exists beyond 50, please tell me. Is it possible to "win" this game? Or do they just keep getting harder? And do we just keep giving more rice? Hey, it's a worth cause. Get on the bandwagon. Donate some rice.


Audra said...

Girl, I have been waiting for you to update! I too am addicted to this website! It's great... and so is your aforementioned butternut squash lasagna (something just tells me it is my love Giada DeLaurentis' recipe!) :0)

preethi said...

Um, yeah. FreeRice is awesome. It's become an epidemic amongst my family/office mates alike, and has apparently transported itself to NYC.