Thursday, February 07, 2008

You're a WHAT?? Part 2

One of my coworkers just emailed me saying he read in the paper this morning that there were ~890,000 Democrats who voted in the New York area and ~73,000 Republicans. His email inspired me to dig a little deeper and look into Brooklyn. The results are even more shocking. 15,000 Republican and 260,000 Democratic voters. WOW. That's nearly 20 D's for every R.

I had my suspicions before, but now I no longer question, at all. My experience as the ONLY Republican voter in my district makes total sense. But my vote was totally more important than all of y'all suckas (in my head that totally makes sense, let me go with it).

They could kill all of us, and no one would know. Or care.

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Lindsay H. said...

i don't know what the stats are in seattle, but so far i've been met with a combination of shock, outrage, and denial when people find out i'm a republican.