Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Is It About San Fran?

What is it about San Francisco that makes people's eyes glaze over in a sea of pure blissful love when you mention it? Not even Chicagoans love their city as much as SFers love theirs.  I cannot think of a single example in which I have talked to someone about San Francisco and their response is anything short of exuberant enthusiasm.  NO, this is not an exaggeration.

Well I am about to find out what all the buzz is about.  In my first two weeks of unemployment I am embarking on a little voyage to the other size of the country.  Just simply to BE.  I have no specific plans other than a wedding in Santa Rosa (my third of four summer weddings) and general dates to see various friends.  And to see The Dark Knight in IMAX.  And because this city/area is so wonderful, a lot of my wonderful friends from various places and times in my life have made it their home. 

My fabulous friend Nathan’s last words to me when I called to talk to him about visiting were, “Well hun, you’re going to leave here with a great ass. There are a lot of hills.”  Maybe that’s why people love it so much.  Because I just can’t figure out specifically what it is, aside from the fact that I know almost nothing about SF other than that people love it.  You know what it reminds me of- Mac laptops.  Talk to any urban well-educated white person (because we all own one, right?) about their Mac and they will gush and spew with love for their beautiful baby Mac.  They may have even named their laptop.  Yes, named their laptop, as if it’s an animate object with which they have a personal relationship.  But have you ever noticed that the actual content of their praise is well, often lacking in content.  I discovered this when I was placed on the spot to explain SPECIFICALLY why I like my Mac by the IT guy at work.  And I was all, "It's just... BETTER" as if that constituted actual content.  

Now, I was eventually able to articulate some more precise points, but for the most part it's just this general aura of awesome.  No other explanation should be necessary as to why I love my Mac.  It just EMBODIES wonderful.  And maybe that's the way it is with San Francisco.  People love it so much that just the general overriding feeling is one of warm fuzzies.  Sunny days and clear blue skies.  So, as I investigate more I will be sure to share my findings and come back with a definitive (and specific) account of why (or, heaven forbid, why not) this City by the Bay is so wonderful.  To be continued...

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