Friday, May 28, 2010

Photos Around Iasi: The Great (City) Wall

Back in the day (what day, I couldn't tell you) when Iasi was considerably smaller, there was a wall around (at least part of) the city. That wall now happens to be smack in the center of the city. It's kind of weird to think that used to be the end of the city, and it fun to imagine what it would be like without everything beyond it. A lot less block apartments, that's for sure. It's a pretty cool wall, as far as walls go. But what I like most are the stairs. Enormous double staircases (can you call it a staircase if it is outside of a house?) that wrap around in half arcs to the left and right. I don't love them so much when I'm tired and have to go up them or when it's winter and icy. But on this particular day I loved them and thought I'd take a photo to share. Especially with the couple kissing at the top. Ah, the romance.

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Mircea said...

That place is called the "Yellow Bluff" (a somewhat not very good translation). Also the big crossroad at the top of the stairs is called the Foundation.