Thursday, October 11, 2007

YouTube Faves

As anyone who works in an office at a desk or in a cube or is otherwise cooped up inside all day can attest, it is important to have distractions and other amusing things to get through the day. I'm still pulling for field trips to the park where they have wireless internet, but until then, we have YouTube. Today I decide to ask my colleagues to submit to me their favorite YouTube videos of all time. Without telling anyone what it was for. And interestingly enough, aside from getting a few cool videos, I got a really interesting view into people's personalities. Think about it, you ask someone to send you the SINGLE FUNNIEST video? It tells a lot about a person and what their sense of humor is like. Anyhow, here are a few of the best of the best. Including a few of my personal faves. For your viewing pleasure (in no particular order):

Mac or PC Rap
Sleep Spudgy
The Facebook Skit (Done by Penn Masala, an acapella group at Penn)
Box in a Box
(this is only funny if you've seen "Dick in a Box" and because the girl in Box in a Box is a Penn student, it's even better)
Nintendo ACapella
Britans got talent
Evolution of Dance (a classic YouTube video- if you haven't seen this you haven't lived)

And if you would like to contribute your all-time favorite YouTube video, please, feel free. Comment box is wide open. Or, please vote for which of these is your favorite.

Disclaimer: If you are someone with whom I work and are reading this and your contribution did NOT make it onto this list... don't get offended, just get a better sense of humor. You're voted off the island. *hugs*

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preethi said...

Admittedly, I'm not a huge YouTuber-er, so I haven't seen a ton of videos...and I don't know that this is even THE funniest one I've seen. But it's pretty dang funny. I'm not sure if this: works (my Internet is being weird/super slow today), but if not, search for Charlie the Unicorn.