Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The 500th Post

I feel like there should be some kind of confetti bursting above my head, some tangible marker of writing FIVE HUNDRED blog entires. But alas, nothing. Just another silly Arbitrary Marker of Time. I pondered what to write for my 500th entry. Should I just write another entry like normal? Or write a post purely to say it's the 500th? But as I thought about it, I honestly just kept thinking, 'What did I actually write about over 499 entries?' So I took a look back over the 3 years of writing, which definitely brought back a lot of memories. This exercise made me realize what my 500th blog post should be- a look back. I picked out my personal favorites and want to link back to them. Since it's Christmas week, you're all probably home chillaxin and certainly have plenty of time to re-read loads of my blogs. Obvi your top priority. This should keep you busy for awhile.

New York State of Mind- I wrote this within the first month of moving to NYC. It's really funny to look back and read AFTER living there for two years. I mean, how quaint (pathetic?) that I was excited about running in Central Park and eating Tasti-D for the first time! So cute. But I do think that musicals, brunch, running, Redeemer, and exploring the city pretty much sum up what I did all the rest of my time there. Guess it never got old. :)

22 Hours in a NY ER- This has to go down as one of the more ridiculous stories of my life. I think as I've told it over the years it's gotten progressively more absurd. But isn't that how the best stories go?

Park Slope Singers- I was so excited to find this group right in my neighborhood. Though the average age of the group was easily double my own age, I had such fun, and it was a great outlet for my performance-itch. And hey, through the group I got to sing in Carnegie Hall. Not too shabby.

My First Half Marathon- This was a big deal for me. As half-marathons tend to be to most people other than seasoned marathoners. I have such memories of the trip to Tennessee with 3 of my girlfriends, running the race with friends from college as well, and visiting our friend Rob.

Perks of Cancer- I wrote this in the midst of my friend Rob's battle with leukemia. I have tremendous respect for him and his entire family. As his cancer has recently recurred, I am reminded of his wonderful sense of humor and sarcasm and the tremendous witness of his faith under fierce trial.

Prostate Palooza- I'd have to say that one of my most memorable projects during my time as a healthcare consultant was The Prostate Cancer Project. To be fair, I had such juicy rich awesome material, it's not to my credit that this is one of my better posts. But gosh I just laughed out loud re-reading this.

Sweet Home Alabama- Though I lived in NYC for 2 years, I definitely didn't meet many famous people. Heck, I didn't even see as many as most of my friends always seemed to see. Or maybe I'm just oblivious. Likely option. But this blog is the story of my encounter with a quite famous musician when I got bumped to First Class once. Maybe you've heard of a band called Lynyrd Skynyrd? Yea. Totally oblivious to who he was, but all the more entertaining (ohh pun!) when I found out...

The "Average" American- One day I was just curious to find out if there were any articles/data out there about the "average" American. So I started googling around and found a few things, wrote a blog about my findings on how much (little) Americans read, added my commentary. As ya do. Who would've thought that this would be my most read entry on my blog? Apparently a lot of other people do google searches on "Average Americans" and their reading habits, and I guess my entry must come up pretty high on the search results. I'm thinking of revisiting and rewriting this one in the near future, just to expand upon it and respond to some of the comments.

My Halloween Adventure- I just had so much fun DOING this. I had to include this in the list. Even if you don't read this, just look at the pictures. Gosh that was hilarious.

The Inclusions Movie Premiere- My one and only attendance at a premiere. As a date of the sound guy. AKA my dear friend of many years Cass. He's awesome. And I was his date. Man I loved that dress.

One Night in Brooklyn- This was one of the better parties I ever threw. So. Much. Fun. Definitely because it was in Brooklyn, aka The BEST Borough. Great roommate, great tree, great friends, great food, awesome night.

Central PAisms- A little taste of my childhood right here. Though I've lived in big cities for the past 8 years, the first 18 were in rural PA. So much good food, and generally quaint living. In this entry I summarized all that is awesome about central PA.

Heart Surgery is Awesome- Yes, yes indeed. I love playing the game "True Truths and a Lie" now and including "I've had heart surgery" as one of them. BECAUSE IT'S TRUE. Welllll, basically. Read about it. And I will also include my short entry about my first run post-surgery.

The Little Things- Really short entry about a few of the "simple things" that I enjoyed being able to do while at ACTS, and also the view from my room there. Gosh I miss those mountains.

Leavin on a Jet Plane- Hard to believe almost a year ago I got on a plane and moved to Romania. I quickly discerned I wasn't in Kansas anymore. And yet, a year later, it's still so so worth it.

Camp Anawana- One of the highlights of my time in Romania has been the week-long summer camp that we held in the mountains. Quality teaching, quality outdoorsy time, and just quality relationship-building.

Travel Log: Israel: Jesus Sites Flip Side- I have been incredibly fortunate to travel a lot not only this year but throughout my life. In 2009 I have been to many places in Romania, as well as Belgium, Amsterdam, Budapest, back to the States, and Israel. I think my 10 days in Israel were among the most impacting of any traveling in my life. This is one of the articles I wrote reflecting about my time there.

I could include others, but I think that's enough. Quite a trip down memory lane to read some of these again. It's funny- even though I can tell you most of what I've written about over the years, I honestly don't remember the actual content of HOW I wrote about this or that experience. I do hope that someday I'll be able to write a Post 1000. Who knows where I'll have been, what I'll have done, and what kind of crazy adventures I'll have written about. Stay tuned.


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